Selecting the Right Electric Motor

The electric motor has become one of the most important motion control product in the fields of engineering and technology as an electro-mechanical device or mover. With the small electric motors development in household appliances application, our everyday life has become easy too. When you buy a motor, you need to understand the general classification of the motor and the difference. Whether it is used in the industrial automation engineering application, office equipment application, medical industry, toy manufacturing industry or used in the home electronics. Primarily, an Electric Motor can be classified as AC motor, DC motor, Universal Motor and Special motor.

AC series motors include induction motor and synchronous motor. AC induction motor is also known as an asynchronous motor. They are available in two varieties: single phase induction motor and three induction phase. Single phase motor operates on a single phase power supply. It is used for home application as small electric motors. Three phase motor operates on a three phase power supply. It is used for the industrial application as large electric motor. Especially, HVAC systems often need specific types of industrial motors such as AC fan motor, blower motor, furnace blower motor, heater motor, brake motor, AC servo motor.

A DC Motor can be further classified into brush motor, dc brushless motor, and stepper motors. A DC Brush Motor is the simple motor and cheap motor. DC series motor is popular in the market by 12v dc motor,24v dc motor and 48v dc motor. The mini DC motor well known as the tiny motor is usually seen by 3v dc motor, 6v dc motor,9v dc motor. High voltage motor is also available for some projects. DC brushless motor is easily known as electronically commutated motor. No brushes to wear off so it has long life time and quiet operation advantage. The bldc motor disadvantage is very expensive as it must operate with dc motor controller. Strictly speaking, stepper motor is a type of brushless motor. It is used more in robot where each step is controlled by a program.

Universal Motor significant feature is that it can be operated on both AC or DC current. In household appliances application, you can find that mixer motor, grinder motor, blender motor are mostly universal motor type.

Horsepower or Watt is the unit for measuring all electric motor. Home electric motors come in 1/2 or 1/4 horsepower. The high power electric motor such as 1 hp electric motor, 2 hp electric motor, 3 hp electric motor, 5 hp electric motor and 10 hp electric motor is used in factories or industrial machinery. If you need high torque electric motor or low rpm electric motor for your project, you can match the gearbox to form the gear motor.

You can find many geared dc motor and ac gear motor version in engineer project. Such as 12v dc gear motor, 24v dc gear motor, geared stepper motor, helical gear motor, right angle gear motor. The planetary gear motor is the highest efficient gearhead motor compared with the worm gear motor and other gear reduction motor.

So, how do you find the electric motor you want from so many options?

Here are some tips to find a suitable electric motor for your machine or automation project.


Torque is one of most basic specifications of any machine or engine. You need to know the output torque for your equipment.


Efficiency is also an important factor to be considered. Quality, cost, and efficiency of a machine are proportional to one another. Usually, higher efficiency means better quality.

Speed, Current and Voltage

They are also fundamental factors. It is easy to get them if you have a clear idea of your machine’s design and functionality.

Application Purpose

As professionals, we can help you find the right electric motor to your application purpose. We can provide you with correct advice and all the related information as well.

We are electric motor manufacturers since 1998. Below is a list of various motors.
  • PMDC motor range

    PMDC motor range (7)

    PMDC Motor: Permanent Magnet Brushed DC Motor

    PMDC Motors or permanent magnet direct current motors are a form of brushed DC motor. The brush is used to introduce an extraction voltage and a current. It is the most significant p..

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  • Servo motor range

    Servo motor range (4)

    An Introduction to Servo Motors

    The servo motor includes a small DC motor, a gear set, an adjustable feedback potentiometer, and an electronic control panel. The high-speed rotation of the DC motor provides raw power from drive ..

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  • Gear motor range

    Gear motor range (14)

    An Introduction to Gear Motors


    A gear motor is a structural combination of an electric motor and a gear reducer. To choose the right power source (PMDC motor, induction motor, BLDC motor and stepper motor), you nee..

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  • Stepper motor range

    Stepper motor range (15)

    An Introduction to Stepper Motors


    A stepper motor is an electric motor without brushes. It converts digital pulses into mechanical rotations. In the case of a non-overloading stepping motor, the motor speed and ste..

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  • BLDC motor range

    BLDC motor range (14)

    BLDC Motor: Brushless DC Motor


    Brushless DC motor with a driver is a typical mechatronic product.

    Symmetrical three-phase star connection makes the motor stator windings. It is quite similar to three-phase a..

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  • Universal motor range

    Universal motor range (15)

    An Introduction to Universal Motors


    The universal electric motor is a single-phase motor. You can use AC or DC power supply to operate a universal motor. Universal motors such as the shaded pole motors and the uni..

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  • Induction motor range

    Induction motor range (4)

    An Introduction to AC Induction Motors


    Induction motors are found in several different types of appliances such as refrigerators, washing machines, dishwashers, dryers, and blower fans.


    An indu..

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  • PMSM motor range

    PMSM motor range (4)

    PMSM Motor: Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motor


    A synchronous motor is a typical AC motor, same as an induction motor. It has characteristics of both an induction motor and a brushless DC motor. It has a sinusoidal ..

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