Selecting the Right Electric Motor


DC and AC electric motors are found everywhere from the home to the car to industrial plants. Electric motors are an important power source for everyday life. DC and AC motors are different in numerous ways, but they both are used to power the same kind of machinery. Different types of electric motors are available in the market including small electric motors, high torque electric motor, 12V cheap electric motors, asynchronous electric motor, and electric motors with gears.


So, how do you find the motor you want from so many options?


Here are some tips to find a suitable motor for your machine or automation project.




Torque is one of most basic specifications of any machine or engine. You need to know the output torque for your equipment.




Efficiency is also an important factor to be considered. Quality, cost, and efficiency of a machine are proportional to one another. Usually, higher efficiency means better quality.


Speed,Current and Voltage


They are also fundamental factors. It is easy to get them if you have a clear idea of your machine’s design and functionality.


Application Purpose


As professionals, we can help you find the right electric motor to your application purpose. We can provide you with correct advice and all the related information as well.

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