An Introduction to Planetary Gearbox


The planetary gearbox is a widely used industrial gearbox product. It is an important motion component for lifting, mining, transportation, and construction industries among others. The planetary gearbox is also known as a planetary gear reducer or a planetary gearhead.

If you want to learn more about planetary gear box or planetary gear reducer, firstly you need to learn about the planetary gear set, also known as the epicyclic gear train. The planetary gear reducer is a planetary gear (epicyclic gear) with three principal gear transmission components, a sun gear, a planet gears’ carrier, and a ring gear. The sun gear is located in the center while the ring gear is placed away from the center. The planet gears are the gears surrounding the sun gear and interlocked with the ring gear.

The planetary reducer is a small and lightweight device with extensive planetary transmission ratio range, high output efficiency, smooth operation, low noise, strong adaptability, and no maintenance. That’s why it covers the entire range of automation: aerospace and defence, automated drug delivery systems, material handling, wind turbine, packing, shrink wrapping, robotic, machine tools, semiconductor.


What Planetary Reduction Gearbox Type We Offer?


We offer a variety of planetary gearbox to meet your installation requirements. Our products include small planetary gearbox, inline planetary gearbox, right angle planetary gearbox, hollow shaft planetary gearbox, double output shaft planetary gearbox, and standard servo gearbox.

The planetary gear reducer size ranges from 25mm to 280mm in diameter. So, you need to specify whether you want a small or a large sized planetary gearbox when placing the order.

We offer planetary gearboxes with varied backlash degrees such as normal (only needs torque output), precision (max backlash 13 or 15 arcmins), high precision (max backlash 8 or 9 arcmins), and super-high precision (max backlash 3 or 5 arcmins). Normal single stage planetary gearbox, two stage planetary gearbox and 3 stage planetary gearbox are in stock.


When placing your order, make sure to specify your backlash requirements as well. Remember, low backlash means high precision planetary gear drive.


How to Select the Right Planetary Gearbox?


You must have a clear idea of the gear reduction ratio from the planetary gearbox manufacturers. Though small size is relatively cheap, choose the size as per your requirement. Usually, smaller backlash means higher accuracy as well as cost. You also need to consider the axial load, radial load, and work life of the device.

You can choose a planetary gear reducer that fits your requirements after confirming the above details.


For your optimum planetary gearbox selection, we list several simple diagrams :


Code System

Planetary gearbox




H: Premium Type Helical Series

R: Precision Series




AE: Round Housing without Flange

AF: Round Housing with Flange

AB-R: Square Housing with Flange

AB-H: Square Flange Helical Gear{Square Flange Helical Gear for G Grade (precision series) Only}

ABR-H: Right Angle Helical Gear

PLE: Round Housing without Flange

PLF: Round Housing with Flange

Size: 40 60 90 115 142 182 220 250 refer to gearbox diameter

Single Stage Ratio: 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10


Speed Reduction Ratio


Double Stage Ratio: 12,15,16,20,25,30,32,35,40,49,50,64,70,80,100

Muti-Stage Ratio: 120-1000

P0: Micro Backlash




P1: Precision Backlash

P2: Standard Backlash

Output Shaft type: Hollow Shaft, Single Shaft, Double Shaft, Key Shaft


Connection With Motor


Standard planetary gearbox series by POWER JACK MOTION:

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