An Introduction to Screw Jacks


A screw jack is a mechanical device used for lifting heavy weight objects, push or pull an object. It works by rotating the worm shaft, driving the worm wheel and moving the lifting screw thread up and down.



  • Positioning accuracy up to 0.1 mm.
  • You can use an encoder or drive controller for a closed-loop precision positioning. If you don’t need high-precision, you can equip it with a potentiometer.
  • To achieve synchronous lifting, you can link multiple screw jacks together.
  • Drive system: DC 12 / 24V motor, single AC motor, three-phase AC motor, no air / hydraulic pressure source.
  • Overload protection: It can be equipped with safety clutch or with a pressure sensor to prevent overload.
  • It can withstand a high load, up to 300 tons.
  • Maintenance is easy as it can work properly in low noise, high/ low temperature, and corrosion/explosion-proof harsh environments.
  • They are extensively found in a diverse range of industries such as landing stage, synchronous lifts, steel, paper, brewing, and military among others.
Standard screw jack series by POWER JACK MOTION:

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