An Introduction to Worm Gearbox


A worm gearbox is called a worm wheel gearbox or a worm gear or a worm shaft reducer. It consists of worm gears, shafts, bearings, and box frames.

The worm gear, shafts, bearings load are supported by the box shell. So, the gearbox housing must have sufficient hardness. Otherwise, it will result in lower transmission quality. As the worm gearbox comes with a durable, transmission ratio, small size, self-locking capability, and simple structure, it is often used across a wide range of industries. The manufacturing process is also relatively simple. However, it has a low transmission efficiency compared to a planetary gearbox.


With the help of the most advanced science and technology, we have developed a unique “square box” design from high-quality aluminum dies casting with a beautiful appearance.




1)  You can complete the installation in six different ways.

2)  The installation must be solid and reliable.

3)  Make sure to check the connection between the motor and the worm gear reducer.

4)  You must use flexible cables and wiring for a manual installation.


From a large transmission power to a small load, you can choose from a wide range of worm reducer that precisely fits your application requirements. It has a reduction gear and torque increase function. So, it is often used in speed and torque conversion equipment.

An RV series gearbox is a standard worm gearbox with a bronze worm gear and a worm wheel set.

Our Helical gearbox product line comprises of four universal series (R/S/K/F) and a step-less speed variation UDL series. Their structure and function are similar to an NMRV worm gearbox.

Standard worm gearbox series by POWER JACK MOTION:

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