An Introduction to Linear Actuators


The actuation system is a necessity in various motion control systems. What is an actuator? As one of the basic motion control products, it is a mover which move or control a mechanism or system. It is operated by different energy source types such as electric current, hydraulic fluid pressure, or pneumatic pressure. These types of actuators are commonly seen. They are electric actuator, hydraulic actuator and pneumatic actuator.


A linear actuator is different compared to an electric motor as it can convert rotational motion to linear motion. Linear actuator working principle is easy: the electric motor and gear reducer rotate the lead screw; lead screw interlocks with a nut move sliding tube to stretch out and retract back. Why use electric linear actuator? Most hydraulic actuators are subject to common problems such as worn seals, leaks, and pressure changes from the pump. An electric linear actuator can solve these problems providing a safe and clean device for your applications.


There are different variations in the basic design of linear actuators such as linear actuator 12v, micro linear actuator, high speed linear actuator, ball screw actuators, worm drive actuators, acme screw actuator, tubular linear actuators, and linear slide actuators.


As an experienced electric linear actuators manufacturer, we have developed in-house design and manufacturing processes of actuators.


How to Choose the Right Linear Actuators?


When you are working for a project that requires linear drive, how to buy linear actuator from so many types? Six things to consider when choosing a Linear Actuator.


1)  Force


The weight of the object to be lifted or pushed will determine how much force your linear actuator requires. Usually, a small linear actuator is designed to handle small objects. On the other hand, a large one can handle heavy duty applications.


2)  Efficiency


A linear actuator must overcome friction, so you need to consider the amount of friction involved in your application. If your application demands high efficiency, you should select a high precision linear actuator. If not, a cheap linear actuator will suffice.


3)  Stroke Length


The stroke length is the stretchable distance of a linear actuator inside the equipment. It determines the retraction extent of the actuator. Stroke length range can be from 25mm to 1500mm.


4)  Power Supply


Based on the availability of the power supply, you need to choose either a DC linear actuator or an AC linear actuator. When it comes to dc actuators, 12V actuator and 24V linear actuator versions are the most commonplace.


5)  Speed


You need to know how much time the actuator should take to finish the task in a single stroke. In short, you need to combine the speed of your linear actuator with the amount of force generated by the motor. Fast linear actuators have a speed of more than 40mm/s.


6)  Work Environment


To choose the right linear actuator, you need to consider various work environment factors such as temperature, IP degree, noise, and installation size. For example, if your application requires a noiseless operation, we can design a silent linear actuator that operate quietly. An IP66 waterproof linear actuator, on the other hand, is ideal for a waterproof work environment.


Power Jack Motion Linear Actuator Advantage

  • Strict quality management: All linear actuator quality inspection are checked by IQC, PQC, FQC, QE, QS department.
  • Complete linear actuator testing equipment: Salt spray test machine, 2.5D projector, screw thread gauge, Rockwell hardness tester, load capacity testing pedestal, digital calliper, gear precision testing machine.
  • Powerful and compact design: Our mini linear actuator and industrial linear actuator are compact with polished Aluminum housing.
  • Long life time: All electric linear actuator is rugged and durable design. Especially for small linear actuator 12v type, they are ideal for agricultural machinery and construction machinery to control seats, covers, throttles, hoods, doors.
  • Easy to use: The linear electric actuator can be easily installed in machinery with the controller. The linear motion systems with the best electric linear actuator design are efficient and convenient for you.
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