Automotive And Machinery Automation Solution:12V Linear Actuator And 24V Linear Actuator


There are several popular 12V small electric actuators and 24V electric actuators in this product line. These include a light duty linear actuator, or the DLA1 series actuator. The others are heavy duty linear actuators such as the DLA2 series and DLA3 series actuator.


12V light electric linear actuators were designed for applications where space is limited and lighter loads are used. The 12V power is often derived from a battery. It is easy to use on automobile machines and off-highway vehicles. With extensive experience in several engineering projects towards actuator miniaturization, we can easily design the small linear actuator type. At the same time, we can also focus on providing general improvements on mechanical efficiency, speed, or load capacity.


12V heavy duty linear actuators are widely used in industrial automation machines. For instance, they can be used in motorized vehicle mounted arrow board, steering-wheel and seat adjustment, trailer tilting and hood lifting etc. For safety, these actuators are designed with a built-in limit switch to prevent motor burnout and include as marine linear actuator, dock lift actuator, and automotive linear actuator.


The power source of these two actuators is a small DC motor. The DC motor provides the load output from a screw drive with gears. If you have the need for a bigger load, we can add to the motor length such as our DLA1-P actuators. To use electromechanical motion and get greater force, the DLA1-P linear actuator load force can reach up to 3000N even with limited installation. It’ll have the same installation dimension with DLA1 but will be stronger.


All these actuators have a high IP66 rating which protects them from water and dust. This makes them suitable for use in harsh conditions. The DLA3 can be especially used as heavy duty industrial linear actuators as they could push up to 15000N force. It’s the most rugged actuator and built to perform well in all kinds of harsh environment and require almost no maintenance. To let you know for which project(s) you can use these electric actuators, we share the following equipment or machinery:

  • Off-highway mobile equipment such as agricultural machinery, construction machinery, mining, forestry, road work and railway equipment
  • Turf and garden machine such as lawn mowers, golf carts, tractors, cleaning machines, sky lifts, and other utility vehicles
  • Industrial equipment such as conveyors, adjustable work tables/platforms, and hatch-doors-locks opening/closing)
  • Health, fitness, and medical equipment such as handicap vehicles, wheel chairs, lifting units/beds, gym and therapy equipment
  • Marine boats, ships, and oil rigs such as seats, hatches, fire doors, rescue equipment, values, and throttle control

As one of the best 12V linear actuator suppliers, we offer the following light duty and heavy duty actuators:

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