An Introduction to Window and Gate Opener

An automatic gate opener or window opener is a motorized device that facilitates opening and closing of doors and/or windows. The on-board circuit controls the gate opener or the window opener and makes them open or close.

There are 2 core important components of the gate and window opener: controller and the actual operator (linear actuator or DC gear motor operator).

For gate openers, it can slide, swing, or raise to finish the opening movement. To adapt different gate opening types, we design swing gate actuator, and slide gate opener, which conform to your requirements in a commercial gate opening system, home gate opening system, and garage door systems.

Window openers are a part of both residential and commercial buildings that have automatic control systems. To meet different window installation requests such as those for greenhouse window openers and skylight window openers, we design 12V linear actuators and gear motors with output shafts.

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