Helical Gear Worm Shaft Worm Gearbox(S series)

S Series Helical Gear Reducer

Ordering Information
When buying a POWER JACK MOTION worm gearbox, please note the following:

Parameters(New User)

You need to consider the following parameters:

  • The purpose of speed reducer in your machine
  • Operating conditions such as temperature, daily working hours, and type of motor
  • Power, voltage, input rotation speed, and frequency
  • Transmission ratio and output spindle rotation speed
  • Maximum load allowed on the speed reducer
  • Coupling method between the reducer and the motor

Miscellaneous Information

Make sure to mention your order quantity, expected price, and packing requirements, among others.


Worm Gear Speed Reducer

  • Size (Center Distance): 37,57,67,77,87,
  • Output Speed: 0.3 to 205 RPM
  • Output Torque: Up to 4000 NM
  • Input motor power: 0.18-22 KW
  • Mount Type: foot mounted and flange mounted.
  • The case is made of high-quality aluminium alloy. It is lightweight and rust-free.
  • It runs smoothly, produces low noise and comes with high radiating efficiency.
  • It is a perfect fit for a universal installation.
  • It occupies no space. As it is self-locking, it saves the cost of the baking device.
  • It comes with a quick stop function.
  • It also offers better accommodation.
  • Shaft Options: hollow shafts, unidirectional output shafts, and double direction output shafts.
  • It allows multiple side installations as there is no angle restriction.
  • Simple and affordable maintenance.
  • No brand restriction as it is compatible with a standard electric motor.
  • Extensive reduction ratio. Complete with brake and clutch in one formation.

Worm gearbox Applications:

  • Metallurgy and Mining Industry
  • Transportation Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Food, Beverages, Textiles and Packaging Industries
  • Work Platforms and Lifts
  • Robotics

S Series Helical Gear Reducer Structure:



s-series-design-version s-series-mounting-positions-series-mounting-position