Who Is Power Jack Motion


Power Jack Motion is a global company providing motion control products for various kinds of automation and smart applications.

  •  P: Power – powers your equipment adequately.
  •  J: Jack – provides lift control systems
  •  M: Motion – innovative electromechanical engineering technology for motion applications.

In short, Power Jack Motion provides customized motion control, motor and linear actuator drive system solutions for customers all over the globe.


  • 1998:The journey begins with brush motor design and production in Dong Guan city.
  • 2003 :  We partnered with a local Taiwanese electromechanical linear actuator manufacturer.
  • 2005 :  We began to design brand new BLDC motors as per our clients’ requests.
  • 2007 :   Power Jack Motion parts its ways with the local Taiwanese partner but retains the production unit and the engineering team. Our team also develops the first ever servo motor and stepper motor in our facility. We also start to design a series of linear actuators line based on our engineer technology and resources.
  • 2009 :  A local blower fan company joins our business group. The development of the blower fan business begins.
  • 2010 :  Our manufacturing resources and designing skills continue to grow as various plastic and metal gear companies join hands with us.
  • 2011 :  We partner with a pump manufacturer and start developing a new BLDC pump series.
  • 2012 : To meet the increasing motion solutions demand, the company starts a new worm gearbox design and manufacturing facility in Hangzhou city.
  • 2014 : Based on our metal gear designing and manufacturing experience, we decide to start our planetary gear reducer production plant at Wanjiang town near the Dong Guan city.
  • 2015 : Power Jack Motion Group is formally established.
  • 2016 : To meet the global demand, we began the construction of a new manufacturing facility.


Work Culture:

  • Building a great team where every member trusts one another is our motto.
  • Customer satisfaction is our driving force. We never give up until our clients are completely satisfied with the product/s.
  • Our team of engineers continuously strives to improve the quality of our work.
  • Innovation is our spirit.


  • Electric Motors: Brush Motors, Brushless Motors, Servo Motor, Stepper Motors, and Gear Motors.
  • Linear Actuators: Solar Actuators, Industrial Linear Actuators, Mini Actuators, New Inline Linear Actuators, and Home Automation Actuators.
  • Gearboxes: worm gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, and plastic gearboxes.
  • BLDC pumps
  • Blower fans.
  • Metal machining services.

China Locations

  • Mowu Industrial area, Wanjiang Town, Dong Guan City : Planetary gearbox, servo motor, brushless motor, and stepper motor production.
  • Xiangxi Industrial area, Liaobu Town, Dong Guan City : Linear actuator production and metal machining service.
  • Fengjin Industrial Park, Shijie Town, Dong Guan City : BLDC Pump Production
  • Shuifu Industrial Area, Dalang Town, Dong Guan City : Blower Fan Production
  • Shi Xia Industry Area, Feng Gang Town, Dong Guan city : Brush Motor Production
  • Xinwan Industrial Area, Xiaoshan Town, Hangzhou City : Worm Gear Reducer Production


HongKong Location


Our Vision:

To become a globally recognized motion control solutions provider.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to build better tools and equipment creating a comfortable life for everyone by working together with our end users, customers, suppliers, and innovation partners.

We are Power Jack Motion. Product and technology-related inquiries are welcome. Power Jack Motion is a global supply partner that you can trust!