Automotive Linear Actuator

auto linear actuator

The automotive automation industry employs several different ways to use electric linear actuators. Our DLA range of linear actuators is a linear motion system comprising a motor, a gearbox, and a ball or a lead screw. The products come with five different gear ratios including 5:1, 10:1, 20:1, 30:1 and 40:1. The actuators can support a loading capacity up to 15000N with a stroke length of 10 to 1000 mm. These perfectly designed actuators are the perfect fit for the auto industry.

A typical structure of an automobile actuator comprises a screw connected to a power source such as an electric motor. The power source or the motor rotates the screw. The bolt or nut attached to the screw is fastened to the body of the actuator to prevent it from rotating. When the nut is driven along the length of the screw, the motion is converted into the energy.

Before deciding on what sort of actuator your automotive project requires, consider the particular application it is to be used for while taking into account the speed and the force needed.

We offer several different products to meet the various dimensional and spatial requirements of our clients. From latching cargo carriers to transmission shifting on unmanned vehicles, our products are extremely reliable.

Customized Linear Actuators Solutions:

1)Vehicle Hood Tie Down
DLA1-P, the latest addition to our product series, is specifically designed for various automotive applications such as raising and lowering hoods, trunks, tonneau covers, truck bed covers, pickup truck accessories, vertical doors, tailgates, and car videos.

2)Automotive Throttling
Several automobile manufacturers have used the DLA1 actuators in the construction of a diesel engine throttle.

3)Parking Brake Actuation
Parking brake actuation is the latest area of application for our DLA1 actuators. It can be combined with reversing radar to improve parking safety. When the driver is parking a car in the reverse, the actuator will pull the brake if the vehicle is likely to encounter an obstacle.

From the assembly line where cars are put together to the testing systems, the automotive industry uses linear actuators extensively.