Electric Door Actuator Solutions

gate opener actuator

The specially engineered, slimline, and lightweight design of our new door actuator offers substantial space and cost savings compared to the current actuators on the market. The steel components perfectly reduce the unit weight while offering unparalleled strength, durability, and reliability. Power Jack Motion uses the most reliable and high-quality components and spare parts to meet the stringent quality demands.

The electric door actuators have been specifically designed to operate various types of lobby ventilators, fire doors, and smoke shafts. With its innovative design, the door actuator allows a perfect left or right-hand door operation. It also reduces installation costs as securing the unit internally to the structure or head of the AOV door set is a relatively simple task.

With a 20-second opening cycle, the electric door linear actuators clear the smoke by the AOV in a remarkably quick time. It results in an exceptionally fast smoke extraction compared to the similar products. However, this opening speed does not come at the expense of high power requirements. In fact, the door actuator has one of the lowest current ratings. According to our extensive motor load tests, this operation requires just 1 amp current.


  • Mini series
  • Small compact design
  • Low noise design
  • Enhanced corrosion resistance
  • Aluminum outer and inter tube
  • Znic alloy housing
  • Powder metal gears
  • Lubrication for longer life

The use of compact electric actuators for various applications such as window and door automation and smoke ventilation is increasing rapidly as their performance level keeps improving.