Actuators for Fire Tanker Dump Valves and Lifts

fire prevention tanker actuator

Fire equipment manufacturers require reliable electric linear actuators for fire tanker dump valves and truck-mounted portable tank lift systems. Most rural fire departments have to rely on tanker trucks where fire hydrants or natural water sources may not be available.

A typical tanker carries 1000 gallons of water. It is equipped with “fast-drain” valves to allow firefighters to empty the water into a portable tank in just a few seconds. Powered by a single actuator, the remotely controlled dump valve allows firefighters to be positioned away from the dangerous chute area during water dumping operations. A portable tank lift system, powered by a pair of linear actuators, lets firefighters access the onboard or side- mounted portable tank without excessive stretching or straining.

The DLA1 and DLA2 electric actuators developed by Power Jack Motion are specifically designed to meet the requirements of both the dump valve and tank lift applications. The products are weather-proof with integral O-ring seals. They also comprise a heavy wall rod, an extension tube, a bidirectional holding brake and treated end-fittings for superior strength and corrosion resistance. A unique (patented) screw end bearing provides smooth extension operation, high side-load capability, and it aids in screw re-lubrication.