Heavy Duty Electric Actuators

combine harvester actuator

POWER JACK MOTION offers reliable and well-designed electric linear actuators for heavy-duty applications even in the most extreme conditions. The DLA2 actuators are used in applications such as opening, closing, tilting, pivoting, lifting, lowering and positioning. The primary markets include manufacturing, packaging, transportation, marine engineering, electrical and electronics, food and beverage, furniture, medical and health equipment, ergonomics, mining, entertainment, printing, chemical processing, tire and rubber, paper, agriculture, metal wood products, and fabrication industries.

We have developed the new super-duty 12V linear actuators called DLA3 designed especially for extra-large projects. These actuators are used instead of pneumatics and hydraulics wherever high maintenance and environmental problems (oil leaks) are a concern. They come with several options such as gear or belt drive and acme screw or ball screw systems among others.


Customized DLA Actuator Solutions:


1)Firefighting Equipment

Firefighters may require heavy duty actuators for raising ladders or levelling the equipment safely. The ladder lift devices are often used on fire engines and pumpers to prevent back injuries. The lift automatically lowers aluminium ladders to a more accessible height for easier extraction. Usually, a control switch activates two electric actuators powering the lift system. Several fire and safety equipment manufacturers also user our DLA series electric actuators in oxygen tank lift systems. Emergency vehicles such as ambulances use these systems to raise or lower oxygen tanks (weighing over 80lbs) safely.

2)Highway Safety And Traffic Control Products

The manufacturer of highway safety and traffic control products also require reliable linear actuators for vehicle-mounted arrow boards. These actuators allow emergency repair crews to remotely rotate the arrow board typically mounted high above the vehicle cabin for maximum visibility in a work zone. This power-tilt feature provides the crew with extra safety in heavy traffic conditions. Depending on the type of the board model, the actuator can rotate the board 90 degrees from a horizontal (transport) position to a vertical one or a full 180 degrees from the front facing to the rear one.

3)Fire Tanker Dump Valve and Portable Tank Lift

Fire equipment manufacturers also require reliable electric actuators for fire tanker dump valves and truck-mounted portable tank lift systems. Most rural fire departments have to rely on tanker trucks where fire hydrants or natural water sources may are not available. A typical tanker carries 1000 gallons of water. It is equipped with “fast-drain” valves to allow firefighters to empty the water into a portable tank in just a few seconds.


RV manufacturers also required a durable electric jack stand actuator for trailers. The actuator stand provides a secure levelling for unhitched trailers as it reduces the sway of the trailer.

5)Agricultural and Farming Equipment

The fertilizer spreaders are equipped with an actuator to regulate the amount of fertilizer spread onto the field. Besides fertilizer spreaders, the heavy-duty actuators are also used in different agriculture equipment such as parallelogram planters or seed planters, bobcat toolkits, manure spreaders, direct driller planters, tractor pickups, disc mowers, speed tiller tools, turf series aerators, tillage equipment, front-end tractor loading equipment, pro-grain baggers, pro-grain extractor, and pro-box scrapers. We welcome engineers, fabricators, and agricultural equipment manufacturers to try our electric actuators.

6)Snowmobiles and All-Terrain Vehicles

In the case of snowmobiles and all-terrain vehicles, heavy duty electric actuators are used in several different parts such as ATV accessories, UTV accessories, ATV lifting mechanism, spray booms, mower decks, ATV attachments and ATV dumps. We welcome ATV and snowmobile manufacturers to try our electric actuators.

Heavy DC duty linear actuators can also be used in assembly lines, heavy machinery, and bench presses among others.

These actuators come with a built-in limit switch designed to prevent motor burnout and increase safety. We offer a comprehensive series of electric DC actuators with varied specifications including stroke, speed, force, and even voltage.