Motor Fan Blower: Applications

blower fan

Standard Applications:

  • Aeration of Water Treatment Plants
  • Liquid Agitation of an Electroplating Bath
  • Dust Removal and Ventilation
  • Photopolymer Plate Manufacturing Equipment
  • Cigarette Filter Manufacturing Equipment
  • Air-Increase for Special Cultivation
  • Paper Cutters
  • Screen Printers
  • Injection Molding Tools
  • Bulb Manufacturing Industry
  • Automatic Feeding Dryers and Atomization Dryers
  • Liquid Powder Filling Machines
  • Electric Welding Equipment
  • Vacuum Packaging Equipment
  • Paper Mills,
  • Dry Washing of Clothing and Overall Ironing
  • Food Processing Industry
  • Gas Transmission Industry
  • Feed Collection Industry

Working Principal

The side channel principle rotates the vane wheel inside the pump chamber. The air is inhaled into the chamber through air groove and accelerated along the circle. The vane wheel rotations compress the air discharging it through the exhaust groove.

Motor Blower/ Fan Parts:

Blower or fan parts include cover, impeller, captive ring, key, housing, gasket, oil seal, sound absorption material, perforated metal mesh, motor, base, and flange.

Fans are used in various fields such as manufacturing industry, plastic appliances, heat distribution tools, packaging industry, vacuum cleaners, printing machines, electroplating equipment, reflow machines, air conditioners, corollary purification equipment, coating equipment, and heating ancillary equipment.

POWER JACK MOTION specializes in developing industrial centrifugal fans of various specifications such as a centrifugal impeller and diverse a special motor wind distribution wheel among others. We also develop centrifugal fans for high-temperature motors with applications in various areas such as infrared radiant heating equipment, infrared heaters, radiant heaters and heating systems. For further details, please contact us.