Motorized Window and Skylight Openers

window actuator

If you are going to use actuators to lift a heavy skylight, you can offset the weight of the skylight with gas shocks, torsion springs or even external counterweights. Some of our customers have used gas shocks successfully (the type used for the rear door of a minivan), reducing the amount of lifting force to just a push of a finger.

You can use the standard series of 12 V electric window openers (with motorized linear actuators) for opening and closing vents, windows, skylights, and shutters among others. This product can be controlled by a simple switch or with remote controls (optional). The unit can exert a push/pull force of approximately 20 lbs. A sensor will automatically stop the actuator if it hits an obstacle.

Our electric screw jack actuators are designed to be used with louvres, torque arm systems, and flexible cable systems. They also have a simple switch adjustment.

It is also available as a rack group double pivot for a three or more push-points system.

If you need an electric screw jack actuator for your motorized window or skylight, window operator series is your best option. These actuators have a good performance screw motion and a simple limit switch control. However, if you need a better linear actuator, the PLA inline actuator or the DLA1 linear actuator is your best bet.