PJM Actuators for Climate Control Systems for Stables:


The livestock relies on the ventilation and the indoor climate control systems for optimal living conditions inside the stables. The farmer must be able to quickly adjust the temperature inside the stable accordingly when the outside temperature fluctuates. POWER JACK MOTION AC linear actuators are well-known for easy integration with standard temperature control systems. They also are known for years of maintenance free service even in the extreme environments. Our products come with several excellent features.

The actuator can automatically adjust the heat intake according to outside temperature and as per the demand from the climate controller. It can be controlled by the automation system resulting in instant response to the temperature fluctuations without any human interference. The automatic adjustment of covers ensures precise temperature regulation essential for optimal animal growth, particularly for young animals such as piglets. Compared to hydraulic systems, our electric actuators are easier to install, have no weak spots, and they are totally maintenance-free.

The auto air fresh linear actuator can control automated air inlets of both ceiling and wall-mounted systems precisely. The combination of the durability of corrosion resistant hardware with intuitive design of inlets and baffles results in effective air management and ease of use. All models are easy to install and easy to maintain. Our products have all the necessary controls to keep your ventilation system operating at an optimal efficiency.

Efficient ventilation systems are essential for a maximum return on your investment. Inadequate airflow, particularly in hot conditions can increase stress on your animals affecting their natural growth.

Our products are ideal for opening multiple windows or dampers for the greenhouse and vegetable storage facilities. The robust design makes these actuators particularly suitable for opening and closing of stable gates, window panels, curtain machines, air inlet baffles, and ventilation doors.

Contact us for further details and customized actuator solutions for climate control systems of stables, vegetable storage facilities, and greenhouses among others.