BLDC Pumps: Energy Saving Water Pumps

Water pumps have been around for almost a century or so. Earlier, most circulation pumps were alternating current (AC) pumps. However, with the development of new BLDC motor technology, it became possible to create a powerful combination of efficient pumping and adjustable speed. This powerful combination has resulted in increasing use of BLDC motors.

So, what is BLDC pump? BLDC pump is a device that uses a brushless DC motor to drive the impeller to increase fluid pressure and transport the liquids.

Unique Structure:

  • The power source is a variable speed electric motor driven with a controller.
  • The pump body is filled with epoxy resin so that no water leaks into the stator making it 100% waterproof.
  • The closed impeller is effective as it recycles the water through the hole inside rotor reducing the rising heat.
  • Pump head is designed based on fluid mechanics to increase efficiency.
  • High-performance wear-resistant ceramic shaft and ceramic sleeve.
  • Inlet and outlet mouth are designed to increase the pump pressure.

Functions and Applications:

  • Water Supply: variable speed pumps in coffee and tea machines, water heaters, chemical industry, and 12V fountain pumps in solar water irrigation systems.
  • Oil Supply: industrial tools and automatic lubricators.
  • Cooling/ Water Circulating Systems: medical equipment, automation equipment, refrigerators, small indoor and outdoor fountains, solar fountains, aquariums, fish tanks, swimming pools, and above ground pools.
  • Drainage Systems: Mobile air conditioning.
  • Rinsing Applications: flush glass system of various types of vehicles/ equipment.
  • Food Industry: General applications include dishwashers, coffee pots, and drinking fountains. The pump housing is made of special high-temperature resistant food-grade material so the pump can work properly even at more than 100 degrees.

How to Select the Right BLDC Pump?

  • Confirm your voltage, current, head and flow requirements.
  • Choose the pump design parameters such as threaded connections, inlet and outlet direction and size.
  • You also need to consider work environment factors such as temperature, location (indoor/ outdoor) and the type of liquid.
  • Take a closure look at functions such as time control, movement control, pressure control, flow control, and speed control.
Standard BLDC pump series by POWER JACK MOTION:

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