Speaking of the air moving and air compressing industry, there are three types of devices: fans, blowers, and compressors. The basic difference between the three devices is the way they move or transmit air and the system resistance. The core component is the electric motor. Fan motor aims at transmitting air, compressor motor aims at compressing air, blower motor aims at moving air at moderate pressure.

Fan motors are used in most common home appliances and in ventilation equipment of HVAC systems. We design an electric motor with pure copper winding for stand fans, box fans, wall fans, exhaust fans, sirocco fans, cross flow fans, and axial flow fans. Our pure copper wire fan motors are high speed, good heat dissipation, quiet operating.

Electric motor for air blowers is used for DC blowers, PSC blowers, shaded pole blowers, high-temperature blowers, centrifugal blowers, electric heater blowers, gas blowers and more. Not only the fan blades and airflow need to optimize, but the efficiency of the blower motor is also extremely important. Our blower motors are durable and able to be operated at high speed. Furthermore, we can provide the IE3 high-efficiency motors to meet customer energy-saving requests. Please contact us for further discussion about your blower motors or fan motors requests.