Linear Actuator Control and Accessories

As a provider of premium electric linear actuation systems for manufacturers, Powerjackmotion provides a range of control systems, both wired and remotely controlled required to complete the entire system. A complete actuator control solution includes control boxes, power supplies, handset controls, foot switch, remote and other related accessories. Different actuator control ways: Synchronized control, wireless control, individual control even custom control such as mobile device app. A complete line of motion control systems for every linear actuator.

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PJM control units arrow you to control the movement of PJM actuator system. There are a variety of control type for different applications. Such as handsets, footswitches, PC control software and mobile device app which has WiFi or Bluetooth option.

Control boxes

The controller also named control boxes are the link between actuator and controls units. The control box is a smart hub in the form of a small box that controls your actuators. You can find linear actuator Arduino as a simple microcontroller in many projects. We can offer wide control boxes selection for different actuator control ways. Our control boxes are designed mostly for home furniture, workplace ergonomics, medical care applications and industrial applications.

Other Actuator Accessories

Other accessories are linear actuator power supply, hardware bracket and more. It is more smartly assembled, safer and easier to use with our own linear actuator accessories