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We are original electric linear actuator manufacturers in China more than 16 years experience. That is why we can offer cheap but reliable linear actuator so many years. PJM linear actuator take up less space and can integrate with position feedback options to provide accurate and synchronous motion control. From mini linear actuator to heavy duty actuator, our entire line products are designed to fit every automation project globally.

Power Jack Motion linear actuators are high quality actuator consist of electric motor, a gear (worm, spur, planetary gear), a screw assembly. They makes it easy to adjust, tilt, lift, push and pull any object simply by our control units.

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9 factors to consider when choosing the right linear Actuators

A Linear Actuator is different from electric motor because it can covert rotational motion to linear motion. As common hydraulic actuators, the problems are subject to worn seals, leaks and pressure changes from the pump. Electric linear actuator could replace them when you need a simple, safe and clean movement for your motion control project.

There are different variations in the basic design of linear actuators. Such as telescopic linear actuator (or called lifting column), L shape linear actuator (worm drive actuator, right angle actuator), compact inline actuator (made of planetary gear motor and spindle), Dual motor linear actuator (2 worm gear driven motors work either individually or simultaneously. ), Linear Slide Actuator (rodless linear actuator without the outer tube), Parallel Drive Actuator (spur gear motor is directly parallel to the drive spindle). As long time electric actuator manufacturer, we have our own proprietary methods of making actuators.

So, how to select the right linear actuator for your project? There are several factors the designer considers in the final selection.

1. Actuator types
We design above 6 common Styles of Linear Actuators. You should know which structure type is best for your linear motion systems.

2. Force
You need to know the object weight to lift or push by a linear actuator. This determines your equipment force required. If need high force linear actuator, choose the heavy duty linear actuator; otherwise, choose light duty linear actuator, lead screw actuator or micro linear actuator.

3. Efficiency
Linear actuators must overcome certain friction in an application. You need to consider the amount of friction involved in your equipment. If you need high precision actuation systems, you can consider stepper motor linear actuator, servo linear actuator, ball screw actuator or linear guide actuator.

4. Stroke Length

The stroke length refers to the distance that linear actuator will move in the equipment. The stroke strengths determine retraction extents of the actuators. It is also dependent on the actuator type you choose. Stroke range: 1″,2″,4″,6″,8″,10″,12″,24″,36″,40″,48″.

5.Power Supply
Based on the supply of power, you need to choose the suitable dc linear actuator or ac linear actuator. Common DC type: 12V linear actuator, 24V linear actuator; Common AC type: 110V linear actuator, 120V linear actuator.

6. Speed
You need to know how many seconds that the actuator should finish the task in the stroke. The speed of your linear actuator combined with the size of force generated from motor power. Usually, high speed linear actuator have lower load capacity, low speed linear actuator have big output force.

7. Noise
For some bed, massage chair, desk motion, it needs quiet linear actuator. Worm drive linear actuator types are used more because they operate with low noise.

8. Feedback Sensor
Two main functions to choose linear actuator with feedback sensor: one is positioning. Another is to move actuator synchronously with controller. Our sensor selection type: Hall Effect Sensors, Potentiometers, Reed Sensors, Optical Sensors.

9. Application
For indoor home applications, such as TV lift, window opening, electric bed, you can choose silent actuator; for outdoor application, you need to consider waterproof linear actuator such as IP66 linear actuator. We offer a wide range of linear actuator designs to fit your specific application.

Advantages of PowerJackMotion’s Products

Strict quality management: All linear actuators are inspected for quality,  checked by IQC, PQC, FQC, QE, and QS department.

Complete product testing equipment: Salt spray test machine, 2.5D projector, screw thread gauge, Rockwell hardness tester, load capacity testing pedestal, digital calliper, gear precision testing machine.

Powerful and compact design: Our mini linear actuator and industrial linear actuator are compact with polished Aluminium housing.

Long life: All electric linear actuators have rugged and durable design. Especially for small linear actuator 12v type, they are ideal for agricultural machinery and construction machinery to control seats, covers, throttles, hoods, and doors.

Easy to use: Electric linear actuator can be easily installed in machinery with the controller. The linear motion systems with the best electric linear actuator design are efficient and convenient for you.

We are proud to offer high-quality linear actuator to manufacturers of industrial, furniture and medical equipment since 2003.