Barn Fan EC Motor

The dairy industry continues to seek the energy saving ventilation system for dairy barns. More and more farmers are turning to Electronically Commutated Motors to save power up to 70%. In China, PJM is proud to be the first to provide EC motors for cooling dairy cows in freestall barns. As one EC motor manufacturer, we introduce the latest 2 HP EC motors with variable speed on both single and three phase units. EC motors with integrated drives and controls are also quieter than traditional induction motors, have longer design life and require less maintenance.

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Latest EC Motors technology with 1.5 HP up to 2.0 HP
Single phase and 3-Phase are available with ECM controller
Quieter than traditional inefficient motors, have longer design life and require less maintenance.
Input voltage: 180-250 VAC
Input Hz: 50/60 Hz
Load Speed: 800 RPM
Rated Torque: 21 NM
Efficiency: up to 82%
Frame: 190mm diameter
0 – 10 volt signal to control the speed
Energy-Efficient Solutions for HVAC, Commercial Refrigerator Fans and dairy barn fans, livestock fans, cattle fans, industrial fan, exhaust fan

barn fan motor drawing