Chain Window Actuator with Rain Sensor

Built-in receiver and rain sensor type window actuator. It can close the windows automatically when it is rainy or windy. C40CYR window chain actuator with rain sensor or wind sensor make your home safer. With remote control function.

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Chain actuators are the modern, elegant solution to the window and vent automation
With remote control systems
Adopt double metal plate design, more stable and smooth operating
Available in the stainless steel chain
With electric overload protection
Lifetime is more than 30000 push and pull cycles
The standard colour is light grey, another colour is available

Thrust/Pull : 400N/600N
Voltage: AC220V
Max Operating Current: 0.3A for 220V
Stroke range: 100 to 800mm
Speed: 8-10mm/s
Environment temperature: -15 to +75
Protection Class: IP32