Dual Chain Vent Openers

C40-2 automatic dual chain vent openers are used for temperature control, large heavy duty windows and greenhouse vent widely. It constructed with a double-link chain made of stainless steel. Suitable for more than 1200mm width window. Enjoy your modern life and motorized window.

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Suitable for opening all kinds types windows and skylights
Supplied with the bracket to mount the chain to the window
Overload protection, low noise design
Double chains’ structure is suitable for opening the wide window
Adopt double metal plate design, more stable and smooth operating
With built-in synchronous protection device
Stainless steel chain
Stroke and force can be customized

Push/Pull: 800N
Max Operating Current: 2.0A for 24V; 0.3A for AC220V
Stroke range: 100-800mm
Speed: 10mm/s
Voltage: 24V and 220V
Environment Temperature: -20 to +75
Protection Class: IP32

automatic dual chain vent openers installation photo