ECM Blower Motor

AC induction motors are familiar in the HVAC and refrigeration markets, especially for equipment such as fan, blowers, compressors. With global energy savings growing, PJM has developed a brushless dc motor which is Electronically Commutated Motors (ECM) with an integrated AC to DC invertor. Still AC source inputs but significant power savings on AC motor fans. ECM blower motor help customers save energy and money long time.

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High efficiency ECM motor/ECM fan motor
Single phase and 3-Phase are available with ECM controller
Working quieter than AC induction inefficient motors
Wide input voltage from 115VAC to 480VAC
Input Hz: 50/60 Hz
Load speed from 300 RPM to 1500 RPM
Rated Torque: 18 NM
Efficiency: up to 85%
Frame: 190mm diameter
Variable speed motor: Adjustable speed control by 0-10v signal
Can be retrofitted in any existing fan or blower
Extral customized solution such as LED display indicates RPM and percent of demand
Energy-Efficient Solutions for HVAC, Commercial Refrigerator Fans and EC fan industry