Economical Electric Cylinder EC39/Linear Actuator with Piston Rod

EC39 is a low-cost electric cylinder in which aluminum alloy housing diameter is 39mm. EC39 electric cylinders can be mounted with existing servo motor flange 40 and stepper motor flange 39/42. Thrust forces up to 50N. Speed up to 100mm/s.

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Product Series: EC39
Screw lead / pitch : 2mm
Max. Power of Motor : 200W
Max. Rated Thrust: 50N
Max. Speed: 100mm/s
Max. stroke: 500mm
Rated Driving Torque : 0.018N.m
Max. Ball Screw Diameter: 8mm
Rated Dynamic Load of Ball Screw: 135kgf
Axial Backlash : 0.02-0.04mm
Lead Error Every 300mm : 0.023mm
Repeatability Accuracy : 0.02mm

EC39 electric cylinder size drawing