Electric Rack Window Opener

R40 electric rack window opener is a rack and pinion system with a DC motor drive. This electric rack actuator is ideal to automate wider windows, roof vents, domes or rooflights. They are able to operate in parallel with a double rack or 3 rack actuators.

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It is suitable for all kinds of top/centre/bottom hung windows, skylights, sliding windows and various window louvres;
Appearance is very exquisite and concise;
Slippage installation way is suitable for various installation ways;
With electric overload protection;
Lifetime is more than 30000 push and pull cycles;
Opening stroke options, 180mm, 350mm, 550mm, 750mm or 1000mm
Very powerful motor 600N for 1000mm
Low noise operation

Push/Pull: 600N
Max Operating Current: 1.2A for 24V; 0.3A for 220V
Stroke range: 50-1000mm
Speed: 10 mm/s
Voltage: 24V or 220V
Environment Temperature: -15 to +75
Protection Class: IP45

Electric Rack Window Opener installation photo