Extreme Force Screw Drive Electric Cylinder HT180/Actuator

HT series provides our extremely powerful electric linear cylinder able to create reliable movement even in very harsh environments. HT180 electric cylinder is specifically developed for very heavy thrust loads. Thrust up to 120KN. Speed up to 800mm/s. Stroke up to 500mm. We use round carbon steel as cylinder material. Maintenance-free product with a long lifetime.

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Product Series: HT180
Screw lead / pitch: 20mm
Max. Power of Motor: 15000W
Rated Thrust: 120000N
Speed Range: 800mm/s
Max. Stroke: 500mm
Rated Driving Torque Range: 450Nm
Max. Ball Screw Diameter: 80mm
Rated Dynamic Load of Ball Screw: 12911kgf
Axial Backlash : 0.02-0.04mm
Lead Error Every 300mm: 0.023mm
Repeatability Accuracy: 0.02mm

Extreme Force Screw Drive Electric Cylinder HT180 size drawing