Extreme Force Screw Drive Electric Cylinder HT230/Actuator

HT230 electric cylinder is the biggest housing size with roller screw technology to attain thrust forces up to 200KN. Speed up to 800mm/s. Stroke up to 500mm. Made from tough hardened steel for these electric cylinders. Maintenance-free product with a long lifetime.

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Product Series: HT230
Screw lead / pitch: 20mm
Max. Power of Motor: 15000W
Rated Thrust: 200000N
Speed Range: 800mm/s
Max. Stroke: 500mm
Rated Driving Torque Range: 750Nm
Max. Ball Screw Diameter: 80mm
Rated Dynamic Load of Ball Screw: 22423kgf
Axial Backlash : 0.02-0.04mm
Lead Error Every 300mm: 0.023mm
Repeatability Accuracy: 0.02mm

Extreme Force Screw Drive Electric Cylinder HT230 size drawing