Furnace Blower

Furnace Blower and Gas Radiant Tube Heater Fan

Ordering Information
When buying a POWER JACK MOTION blower fan, please note the following:

Parameters(New User)

You need to consider the following parameters:

  • Wind Wheel/ Impeller Diameter
  • Blower Pressure (PS, PV, PT)
  • Blower Air Flow
  • Electric Motor Type
  • Electric Motor Output Power
  • Motor Current and Voltage
  • Application and Installation Specifications


Miscellaneous Information

Make sure to mention your order quantity, expected price, and packing requirements, among others.

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  • High-efficiency AC motor
  • Resistant to temperature variations
  • The motor shaft extension (30-50 mm) reduces the intensity of the heat transmitted to the motor
  • A small insulation leaf placed between the motor and blades results in heat isolation.
  • A protection net placed outside the insulation leaf increases the safety.
  • The stainless steel blades and casing can be customized to avoid deformation at high temperatures.
  • Compact design with an eye-catching appearance.
  • Ideal for gas radiant tube heaters, furnaces, industrial boilers, printing drying, washing drying, and coating equipment.

 Gas Radiant Tube Heater and Packing Equipment: