GM37 Gear Motor

GM stands for electric motor with gearbox (gear reducer)

Spur gear motor
Ordering Information
When buying POWER JACK MOTION gear motor, please note the followings:

Parameters (New User)

You need to consider the following parameters
Rated voltage
Rated output power or torque
Rated speed
Noise limit requirement
Gear reduction ratio
Installation dimensions

Supporting Product Type (for Replacement Motor)

Provide product catalogs and drawings for existing motor types and applications as well as ancillary product technical parameters.
Mention the operation mode such as continuous, intermittent or short term.
Provide structure, output, outline drawing and feature of the motor that you have used.

Miscellaneous Information

Make sure to mention your order quantity, expected price, and packing requirements, among others.

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Popular Gear Motor Type

Household appliances gear motor
Robot gear motors
Industrial equipment gear motor

Standard Market Segment

Banknote Counting Machine
Wet Towel Dispenser
Remote Control Curtain
Electrically-Operated Door
Intelligent Robot Lawn Mower

Performance Data

Voltage: 1.2-24V DC
Gear Reduction Ratio: 10-810
Output Speed: 3-500 RPM
Output Power: 0.5-50W

Standard Model Performance

Type Ratio Load Performance Stall
Vol(V) Current(A) Speed(RPM) Torque(Kg-cm) Out Power(W) Stall Current(A) Stall Torque(Kg-cm)
GM37BD-528 182 24 0.35 31 6.26 2 1.2 28
GM37BD-550 68 12 2.79 136 14.6 20.4 8.7 60

GM37 gear motor drawing