Greenhouse Window Openers

Powerfull PLA45 linear actuator is a good solution for greenhouse vent, cold frame vent, the greenhouse shutter opening and closing. It is a high waterproof degree, especially suitable for drippy swimming pool, botanical garden and humidity greenhouse. Popular window openers in a greenhouse application.

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It is especially suitable for the opening of a large size smoke vent and lighting skylight
Parallel opening installation way is suitable for various windows installation
With a smooth, stable and strong output
With electric overload protection
The linear actuator can work alone, Option: More linear actuators can work synchronously with our control box
Lifetime is more than 30000 times
Standard colour is light grey, black and other colour is available
Max stroke length can be 1000mm
Max force can be 2000N

Push/Pull: 1000N/2000N
Max Operating Current: 1.6A for 24V; 0.3A for 220V
Stroke range: 50-1000mm
Speed: 6 mm/s
Voltage: 24V or 220V
Environment Temperature: -20 to +75
Protection Class: IP67

greenhouse window openers installation application