Inline Planetary Gearbox

Planetary gearboxes are known by several different names: planetary gear drives, planetary reducers, planetary gear reducers, planetary speed reducers, and planetary gearmotors. PLS060 inline gearbox is a precision planetary gearbox with a double shaft which can be matched with servo motor or BLDC motor. These inline gearboxes can be direct mounted to motors or used with shaft coupling.

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Easy to install
High input speed
High output torque density
Low backlash
Noise reduction
Low vibration
Long life
The excellent resistance
4 size selection: 60mm,90mm,120mm,160mm diameter
Gear ratio: from 3 to 1000
Torques: from 8.5NM to 680NM
For servo motor, stepper motor installation

PLS060 inline planetary gearbox drawing