Linear Stepper Motor

SL stands for Stepper Motor

Ordering Information
When buying POWER JACK MOTION stepper motor,please note the following:

Parameters(New User)

You need to consider the following parameters:

1)   Holding Torque
Large motors require high torque.

2)  Output Speed
If the output speed is high, torque is lower and vice versa.

3)  Pulses Per Second
It refers to no-load starting frequency of stepping motor.

4)  Phase
2 Phase motors are often used for normal applications.
3 Phase motors are used for high speed and high torque requirements.

5)  Special Parameters
In addition, you may need to consider a few special parameters such as water proofing, output shaft length, and diameter among others.

Miscellaneous Information

Make sure to mention your order quantity, expected price, and packing requirements, among others.

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General Applications:

Stage Lighting
Medical Equipment
3D printers
Packaging Equipment
Safety and Security Equipment
Engraving Tools

General Specifications:

Following versions are available as per customer request:
Non-captive linear stepper motor
External linear stepper motor
Gear Stepper motor including worm gear and planetary gear



Torque Characteristics