Planetary Gear Integrated with AGV Wheel/AGV160

You can regard AGV as one mobile robot for navigation from transport materials, warehouse automation to airport baggage handling. LGV (Laser Guided Vehicle), SGV (Self Guided Vehicle), as well as guided carts, mobile robots, self-steering vehicles or autonomous vehicles are all AGV (Automated Guided Vehicle) essentially. AGV160 is a special wheel gearbox. It can match different brands and different types motor. wheel and reducer is integrated with the shortest installation to save space. Adopt planetary reducer structure, large torque, good smoothness of operation, higher radial loads and axial loads performance. High power density but small size. Perfect improvement on drive accuracy. We provide the ideal planetary gearbox wheel solution for your vehicle.

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Ratio Rate Torque Rate Input Speed Max Radial Force Max Axial Force Efficiency
15:1 120Nm 3000RPM 6800N 850N 90%
21:1 80Nm 3000RPM 6800N 850N 90%
30:1 60Nm 3000RPM 6800N 850N 90%

planetary gear wheel AGV160 size