Planetary Gear Set

Planetary gear sets also called planetary gear systems are widely used in automatic transmissions, drive trains where require smooth torque transmission. In order for any gear combination or ratios, a multi-stage planetary gear system is necessary to create one large compound planetary gear set. We can design a single stage planetary gear system, 2 stages planetary gear system, 3 stages planetary gear system and 4 stages planetary gear system. Planetary gear set for multiple applications and meet your most reduction requirements here.

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Planetary gear transmission system:

1. Planetary gear sets are available in wide reduction gear ratios
2. Gear set can combine the same or different ratios
3. Planetary gear set is available in plastic, sintered metal, and steel, depending on different application
4. Hight efficiency: 98% efficiency at single reduction, 95% at double reduction
5. Planetary gear set torque range: Low torque, middle torque, high torque
6. Easy connecting with couplings, input shafts, output shafts