Planetary Gearbox for Solar Tracking

Solar trackers are used to improve the energy output not only in photovoltaic systems but also in solar thermal power plants. We design planetary gearbox for solar tracking applications, which can stand up to high temperature, corrosive salt sprays, wind loads, humidity. Can match with solar tracking motors such as stepper motors or PMDC motors.

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PJM Gear Planetary gearbox installed to move your solar panel

1. Our planetary gearbox is a good choice of solar tracker solution because we have a cost advantage and high performance
2. High power output is ideal for high wind loads for your solar tracker array
3. Easily mounted with stepper motor or other motor option
4. Self-locking capability
5. Transmission ratio: 230:1
6. Life time: above 20000 hours
7. Low temperature grease for lubrication
8. Protection class: IP65
9. Suit for Concentrated Solar Power (CSP), Concentrated Solar Photovoltaic (CSPV) & Heliostat tracking

planetary gear for solar tracker drawing