Planetary Gearbox Ø10 mm with Brush Motor

10mm diameter planetary gearhead matched to micro dc brush motor solution. Energy saving, working quietly, high efficiency, low heat generation, lightweight, easy installation, customizable power, motor speed automatically adapts to load size. Suit for personal care products and communication equipment Application.

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1. Small size:15.2*10.0*8.1mm, matched to PMDC motor drive
2. Energy saving, working quietly, high efficiency, light weight
3. Gear ratio: from 3 to 1000
4. Feedback: encoder option, 3ppr pulse
5. Can be used for electronic door locks (miniature locks) beauty equipment (lash brush, face wash makeup products), massager vibration motor, smart switch, display stand, curling iron, etc.

Planetary Gearbox Ø10 mm drawing