Planetary Gearbox Ø32 mm with Brush DC motor

32mm diameter planetary gearhead with brush dc motor. Mainly used for automatic door, window shade, Medical instrument, Robot, Base station antenna and flow pump. Gear ratio from 4 to 1076 solution. Micro 32mm planetary gear motor and low consumption.

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1. 32mm planetary gear motor
2. Rated Voltage: 12-24 V
3. No Load Speed: 5-1,348 rpm
4. No Load Current: 210-300 mA
5. Rated Load Speed: 5-1,213 rpm
6. Rated Load Current: 715-720 mA
7. Output Power: 2.8W-10W
8. Rated Torque of Gear: 38 mN.m to 4007 mN.m

32mm planetary gear motor