Planetary Gearbox Ø80mm with NEMA34 Motor

80mm size inline planetary reducer for NEMA34 (flange 86mm) or NEMA42 stepper motor. Precision less than 18 Arcmin. High torque, compact size and competitive price. The 16mm shaft diameter ensures stability in applications with belt transmission. Fast mounting for your equipment.

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1. Planetary ring gear material: metal steel
2. Bearing at output type: Ball bearing
3. Max radial load (12mm distance from flange): 550N
4. Max shaft axial load: 500N
5. Backlash: 18 arcmin
6. Gear ratio from 3 to 216
7. Planetary gearbox length from 79 to 107mm

Planetary Gearbox Ø80mm with NEMA34 Motor drawing