Planetary Gearbox for Textile Machinery

More and more textile machinery manufacturer require a reliable, safe, easy solution for their weaving, knotting operation. We design a special planetary gearbox for spinning frame: XSJ120-400 precision planetary reducer. High precision, long life, high torque, high efficiency and no maintenance. An industrial revolution for spinning yarn in textile machine automation.

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Precision Planetary Gearbox for Textile Machinery

1. Well known European textile machinery builders are using XSJ120-400 planetary gearboxes for many years
2. The rigid design, long lifetime and maintenance-free design are perfect for textile machine automation
3. Frame Size (mm): 60/80/120/160/180 option
4. Nominal Input Speed (rpm): 2,000~5,000
5. Mounting Position: Any direction
6. Lubrication: High-quality synthetic lubricant
7. Servo motor, stepper motor option
8. Ratio up to 512

planetary gearbox for textile machine data

planetary gearbox for textile drawing