Planetary Gearbox PGVX95 for AGV Systems

Automatic Guided Vehicle is widely used to transport materials in a factory or warehouses automation. PGVX95 is a true planetary gearbox design for AGV. Motor and a planetary gearbox with flange output can directly be mounted into the drive wheel.

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1. This product is the latest generation of drive reducer, with all the advantages of PD70
2. Real wheel drive reducer, the outer ring rotates directly, and the radial load capacity is large.
3. Has the shortest axial length and offers the possibility of narrow channel AGV design
4. Max load capacity can be 800KG
5. Suitable for many AGV types: tow, unit load, automatic guided carts, fork, automated hospital cart transporter, heavy burden carriers, handle baggage handling at airports, self-steering vehicles or autonomous vehicles, mobile robots

PGVX95 gearbox drawing