Planetary Gearhead

If you require one precision planetary gearhead having a high torque, high torsional stiffness, quiet operation and low backlash for your motion control applications, choose our PL or PF gearhead series. Planetary carrier adopts an integrated structure. The output shaft adopts the grinding process. Gear materials are purchased from “Shanghai Baosteel” which is a brand high-quality gear steel manufacturer. Lubricated with imported fully synthetic grease. Designed to work with brushless motors or servo motor.

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Precision Planetary Gearhead Quality

1. The planet carrier adopts a monolithic structure, of which 120 and above models are designed as double support structure with good rigidity; the planetary carrier is precision machined by hot forging or hot rolling materials, and the common cast steel process is abandoned to avoid risk because of casting defects.
2. The output shaft adopts the lathe grinding process
3. All gear materials are purchased by all steel mills (using “Shanghai Baosteel” high-quality gear steel, China’s best gear steel) to ensure the quality of raw materials.
4. The internal gears are made of precision seamless steel tubes made of high-quality gear steel, eliminating the common cast steel process and avoiding the risks caused by casting defects.
5. All gears are made of high-quality gear steel by carburizing and quenching, and the tooth-shaped tooth direction is optimized to ensure the smoothness of the transmission, improve the transmission efficiency, and reduce the temperature rise and noise.
6. Lubricated with imported fully synthetic grease. It ensures high efficiency, long life and low noise.