Planetary Gears

The planetary gear is known as epicyclic gear. The idea of epicyclic gear box is taken from the solar system which you can see a sun (solar) gear, satellite (ring) gear and two or more planet gears. PJM planetary gears provide you with all options to suit for your application. Custom planetary gear materials can be stainless steel planetary gears, steel planetary gears, plastic planetary gears, sintered metal planetary gears. More speed or torque ratios are available by increasing the number planet and sun gear in planetary gear box.

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Servo technology planetary gear structure:

1. Integrated double wall planet pinion carrier
2. Bearing for the output shaft
3. Planetary wheel
4. Sun gear
5. Bearing for the input shaft
6. Integrated hoop clamp coupling
7. Motor adaptor
8. Back cover
9. Integrated inner gear housing
10. Steel output flange

PJM planetary gear