Track Linear Actuator/Linear Slide Actuator

LTA Stands for Linear Track Actuator

Ordering Information
When buying a POWER JACK MOTION linear actuator, please note the following:

Parameters (New User)

You need to consider the following parameters:

  • Worm Drive Linear Force
  • Worm Drive Linear Stroke and Voltage
  • Installation Specifications
  • Application Requirements

Miscellaneous Information

Make sure to mention your order quantity, expected price, and packing requirements, among others.

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  • Right angle linear actuators with worm gear design
  • Powerful but noiseless
  • Cost effective
  • Rear clevis can turn at 90 degrees
  • It allows a relatively big stroke range in a limited space
  • Position signal feedback with Hall effect

Standard Applications:

  • Recliners with lifting assistance
  • Spas and healthcare industry
  • Lift chairs


  • Input voltage: 24V DC / 12V DC
  • Maximum Load: 6000N (Push) / 4000N (Pull)
  • Maximum Current (DC): 6 A @ 12 V and 3 A @ 24 V
  • Maximum Speed (No Load): 33.3 mm/s
  • Maximum Speed (Full Load): 2.9 mm/s @ 6000N
  • Stroke: 100 mm to 1600 mm
  • Duty Cycle: 10% or 2 minute continuous operation in a 20 minute cycle.
  • Noise Level: Less than 53dB
  • Adjustable limit switches

Available Stroke Range: 100 to 1600mm

Retracted Length (A): 135 mm 

Extended Length (B): A+S