Motorized Satellite Dish:Satellite Dish Actuator


TVRO stands for “TV Receive Only” and refers to home satellite reception equipment. It was very popular over the past 30 years as superjack actuator, super power jack actuator and jaeger actuator. After SKF’s acquisition of Jaeger Industrial Ltd on 2005 year, we keep Jaeger satellite moudle and satellite actuator production all the time. You can find the best satellite dish motor, diseqc 1.2 positioner, diseqc 1.3 and v box 2 here.


To receive TVRO programming, there are 5 components to prepare:


A satellite dish
A TVRO receiver
An antenna motor or actuator( Diseqc motor helps you to receive channels from more than one satellite signal)
A satellite dish positioner


What we offer are satellite dish linear actuators, satellite dish mount and satellite dish positioner. We design these 3 components to help you watch FTA programs from many countries. The superjack label, super power jack label were OEM for overseas clients before. We are original factory who offer these superjack actuators such as DARL series, HARL series (such as harl 3618, harl 2412), QARL series. These are 2 year warranty and different from other low  quality copy actuator.


As the original manufacturers of the satellite dish motor, we have regular and heavy type satellite antenna actuator including:

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