An Introduction to Servo Motors

The servo motor includes a small DC motor, a gear set, an adjustable feedback potentiometer, and an electronic control panel. The high-speed rotation of the DC motor provides raw power from drive transmission (reduction) gear producing high output torque.

The internal rotor is a permanent magnet. When the drive control of the U / V / W-phase electromagnetic field forms the rotor turns under the influence of this magnetic field. At the same time, the motor with encoder sends the signal to the driver. Then the feedback signal instructs the driver to adjust the angle of rotation. The accuracy of the encoder (number of lines) determines the precision of a servo motor.

You can operate the drive control that makes the conversion to the corresponding three-phase output to let your servo motor work.

You can control the motor in three ways, by adjusting the position, speed, and torque. To adjust the position, use the input pulse mode control. However, you need to use the input analog mode control to adjust torque and speed.

Why choose a Servo Motor?

1) Accuracy:

It overcomes the problem of a stepper motor that loses a step creating a closed-loop control of position, speed, and torque.

2) Speed:

It delivers high-speed performance. The rated speed can reach 2,000 to 3,000 rpm.

3) Adaptability:

It comes with anti-overload functionality. So, it can withstand three times the rated torque load.

4) Stability:

Though it is suitable for high-speed requirements, it can also work for low-speed operations.

5) Response Time:

The acceleration and deceleration response time is short, usually in the tens of milliseconds.

6) Comfort:

It generates low heat and low noise.

How to Select the Right Motor?

1)  Confirm the speed and resolution of the encoder.

2)  Calculate the motor shaft by converting it into load torque and ramp torque.

3)  Calculate the load inertia. The smaller is the load criteria, the better. So, the accuracy and speed of response time is good.

4)  Calculate the regenerative resistance.

5)  Make sure to select an encoder shielded twisted pair cable.

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