Solar Panel Tracking System Motion:


The solar tracking system is an electromechanical system designed to improve the photoelectric conversion efficiency of the solar panels by optimizing the use of sunlight. Hence they are found in thermal and photovoltaic power generation projects. Sun tracking systems include a motor (a DC motor, a stepper motor, a servo planetary geared motor or a linear actuator), a worm gear, a sensor system, and a solar controller.


Compared to stationary solar panels, a solar tracking system can increase the efficiency of solar panels by 25% to 40% using solar panel linear actuator or gear motor. Usually, there are three types of solar tracking systems such as a single axis horizontal tracker, vertical axis tracker, and dual-axis tracking system.


General Applications:


  • The field of flat panel photovoltaic systems
  • CPV (Concentrated Photovoltaic) systems
  • The field of solar thermal parabolic tracking systems such as solar cookers and high-temperature solar heaters among others.
  • Solar parabolic trough collectors
  • Solar thermal power towers (Heliostats)

As a veteran solar tracking actuator manufacturer, we can design actuators capable of handling heavy loads ranging from 200 KG to 1500 KG. More load capacity solar linear actuators can be customized for you.


Standard solar tracking actuator series by POWER JACK MOTION:

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