An Introduction to Worm Gear Drive Actuator


POWER JACK MOTION designs and manufactures many styles of linear actuators to fit its customers’ application requirements. One of the common types of electric or electromechanical linear actuators is the worm gear drive linear actuator, also referred to as the Right-Angle or L shape drive actuator.


It is easy to distinguish the worm drive actuator from other electric actuators. For instance, there is a right angle between the motor and the spindle. It has fewer gear ratio, but is more efficient and creates less amount of noise than the spur gear drive actuator. In addition to this, the worm gear drive actuator has good self-locking ability.


According to the worm gear drive structure, we design 2 types of function:

  • Using the outer tube to create a linear movement.
  • Using a plastic slide mechanism to travel across the actuator, popularly called a linear track actuator or linear slide actuator


Earlier, these worm drive electric actuators were widely used in motorized furniture application such as in a furniture actuator or intelligent actuator. You also can find our height adjustable actuator in workstations, chairs, desk and other ergonomic design application. On the market, worm drive actuator stands for FD (furniture designed) series actuator.


During our technology development, we design several right angle actuators to fit other applications apart from the furniture applications. These include but are not limited to electric recliners and electric lift chairs. If you need an actuator that creates less amount of noise, you can take this worm gear drive actuator design into consideration, especially in medical care application where silent linear actuators are a must.


As one of the leading worm gear drive actuator suppliers, we list 2 main typical types of actuators: right angle linear actuator and linear slide actuator. Moreover, we also design ergonomic desk and height adjustable tables which need electric column lift.

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